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Our Mission

Our facility, dedicated to the development of baseball and softball athletes, sets a new standard in training and skill acquisition. Our mission is to propel athletes to their highest potential, combining cutting-edge technology, data-driven training, and expert guidance.

Maximizing potential

Elite Development System: We believe in fostering an environment that mirrors the development systems of premier collegiate programs and professional organizations. Our goal is to not only elevate athletes' physicality and skills but to also instill the discipline, mindset, and dedication needed to succeed at the highest levels. By immersing athletes in a comprehensive developmental system, we provide a unique opportunity for growth and achievement.

Technology-Driven Excellence: At our facility, technology is a game-changer. We integrate the most up-to-date tools to measure, analyze, and enhance performance. By leveraging data, we make informed training decisions, allowing athletes to fine-tune their abilities, improve weaknesses, and showcase their strengths. Our aim is to give each athlete a competitive edge, backed by the same technology used by top collegiate programs and professional organizations across the country.

Unmatched Expertise: Our staff consists of highly qualified coaches and trainers with a deep understanding of baseball and softball. Their expertise, coupled with our commitment to technology-driven training, ensures that every athlete receives personalized attention and a training regimen tailored to their unique needs.

Core Values


  • you are the problem & the solution
  • Prepare like  a pro


  • Unwavering Belief & Confidence
  • Stellar Relationship Building


  • Find solutions fast
  • Push the standard forward


  • showcase a relentless ability to overcome obstacles & adversity
  • get out of your comfort zone


Team Player
  • Do your job and lead by example
  • Put the team first
  • Display unquestionable character

How we started


Futures has been in the works for years, but something this big took a lot of planning, and a lot of time. Nick and Brandon met in 2020, when they both found themselves training out of the same training facility in Corona.


Nick, a UCLA NCAA champion and former professional player, had just started Integral Athletic Optimization and quickly built it to one of the premier sports performance locations in Southern California.  Brandon, a WOU graduate and former professional player, had been in the private sector for a few years training both hitters and catchers. He had also started Catching Coalition, a brand that allowed him to network with some of the best coaches in professional baseball, and attract clients from all over the country.

Their shared passion for training players and building relationships led them to brainstorm ways to improve their training and create a better experience for athletes. After months of brainstorming on ways to improve their training and the experience for the athlete, the idea for Futures was born, but it came to a stop almost as soon as it began.


In early 2022 Brandon was offered a minor league coaching position with the New York Yankees - a job that he and his family couldn't refuse. This "setback" for the facility planning turned out to be a blessing in disguise. During that summer Brandon got a front-row view at how the best of the best in professional baseball train and develop their players, and more importantly, he learned that it was a totally different game at that level. Players were valued differently, their production was measured differently, and above all else, they trained differently. And it was clear that the kids back in Southern California deserved to train and be valued the same.



Back in California, Nick continued to find ways to create greater adaptations in athletes in less time and with less fatigue - allowing athletes to improve while performing well in the now. With Nick's growing body of work, he partnered with local high schools and attracted more college and professional athletes of his own. The top athletes in the Inland Empire were rushing to join a program that proved to enhance their performance and produce results. Much like Brandon, he knew the next phase of his company's growth was to go all-in on the next generation of athletes and give them a training experience like no other.


The Future is Here

The facility they had dreamed about began to come to life after Nick and Brandon linked back up in the fall of 2022. With our Grand Opening in March of 2023, there is no doubt - the future is here.

 used at Futures Training Center for baseball and softball athletes. Corona Mayor.
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