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Strengt & Power


Strength is the foundation that all athletic ability is built upon.

Futures Sports Performance Department uses the most cutting-edge sports science machines: the Proteus Motion, Vald Force Plates, and Vitruve Velocity Based Training units to identify where an athlete is strong or weak, and where an athlete is fast or slow. Then we train based on the athletes needs in strength, power, and speed.

From there, the training is planned around an annual training cycle to build muscle mass, build strength, build power, and convert it to on-field speed - all while balancing training to prevent injury. The best swing or cleanest delivery is useless without the necessary strength and power.

Speed Training


Athletes need to be fast!

In today's social media-driven world, lots of the “speed training” we see online is not scientifically backed. All of the hurdle, ladder and cone drills fall short in causing an adaptation to get an athlete faster. 

Futures speed program trains sprinting and uses load-velocity profiling to actually get faster. We determine if you need to improve your first step (early acceleration), late acceleration, or maximum velocity. In addition, athletes get to see their sprint times every time they come in to track their progress. At Futures Speed Training, you will get faster!

Recovery Center


All the the hard work in training does not produce adaptations without proper recovery!

Outside of tracking nutrition and sleep habits - Futures offers 4 primary recovery modalities:

  1. The Cold Plunge continuous ice bath

  2. Sauna Heat Recovery

  3. Normatec Compression boots

  4. Hyperice massage guns, foam rollers, and spheres

In addition - Futures offers multiple Mobility Sessions throughout the week. Mobility Sessions are designed to address common mobility restrictions, increasing flexibility and durability. 

Membership Highlights


The Proteus machine is a state-of-the-art training device tailored to elevate athletes' strength and conditioning. Its versatile design offers a wide range of resistance settings and exercises, enabling targeted muscle development and functional training. Proteus allows coaches to rapidly identify where an athlete is strong or weak, and where an athlete is fast or slow - informing our staff on how to best train each athlete for their position. 


Vitruve is a groundbreaking tool that empowers athletes to enhance their strength and speed in the weight room. By accurately measuring the speed of barbell movements, Vitruve emphasizes the critical aspect of speed alongside strength development. This innovative technology encourages athletes to not only build raw power but also to optimize their movements for maximum athletic performance.

Force Plates

Vald's ForcePlates are advanced tools that provide athletes with precise feedback on their movements, helping them improve technique and prevent injuries. These plates measure ground forces and balance in real-time, offering instant insights for tailored training programs. By using ForcePlates, athletes can optimize performance, track progress, and reduce the risk of overuse injuries effectively.


Vald's SmartSpeed is a cutting-edge training tool designed to elevate athletes' speed and agility and uses advanced sensor technology to deliver real-time feedback on sprint times, acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction. By providing immediate, accurate data, SmartSpeed empowers athletes to fine-tune their performance, optimize training routines, and achieve peak levels of speed and agility.

Ready to Learn more about our Sports Performance Membership?


Ready to learn more about our Sports Performance Memberships?

We have found Futures Training Center to be most beneficial. the facility is centered around athletes by enhancing their performance and confidence. The ability to have large groups or smaller more intimate groups provides enhanced mobility, strength, and personal performance. My son has improved in strength, speed and personal performance  I highly recommend Futures Training to any athlete at any age if they are serious about their athletic journey.

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