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  • What is Futures and what do you guys do?
    Futures Training Center is the premier baseball and softball training facility in Southern California. We have all of the training tools and tech used by MLB orgs to assist in your players development with hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching. Our expert staff of coaches have over 40 years of professional experience and are on the floor every day to help your athlete design and execute their training plans.
  • How can I learn more about Futures memberships?
    Futures Training Center is a membership based facility. To learn more about our memberships and pricing, click Memberships under the Membership menu tab. Give us a call at 951-987-9065 if you have any questions and to schedule a tour of our facility!
  • Can I come see your facility?
    Absolutely! Give us a call at 951-987-9065 and a member of our team will be happy to give you a facility tour Monday-Saturday.
  • How does the training schedule work?
    Our training schedule and booking is all done through our Futures Training Center app using your athlete's WellnessLiving account created by our staff. Your athlete will have access to the number of training sessions associated with your account. A variety of classes are offered every day, so there is always a way for your training to fit your availability. You can book up to two weeks in advance to ensure you athlete gets the sessions you want!
  • Why is the tech so important?
    The tech that we have in the building is the same tech used to analyze and help players at the highest levels of college and professional baseball. The training tech in our facility is there to give OBJECTIVE feedback to players and to help them identify the proficient and deficient parts of their game. We use HitTrax for all batted ball data, Blast Motion for all swing analysis, high speed cameras for instant video loops of their swing, and Proteus machines for initial strength and power assessments. We also use these resources to generate monthly progress reports and design our training plans for each athlete. Learn more about the technology and data gathered for our Sports Performance memberships, Skill Development memberships, and Pitching memberships!
  • You guys have a bunch of tech that we’ve never used or are unfamiliar with. How do we take advantage of that without understanding it?
    We actually have a very detailed onboarding process that helps get the athlete acquainted with all of the training resources we offer. They’re initial session will allow them to get hands on with the tech, as we walk through what a normal training session would consist of. In addition to that, we also have a library of demo videos that will be available for them to watch at their convenience.
  • What is your hitting membership about? What makes it different?
    Our hitting program, like all of our other skill training, is designed to bridge the gap between what is being taught at the highest levels of professional baseball and what is being taught at the amateur levels. The biggest tool not being utilized at the amateur level is the implementation of tech and objective feedback for players in their training environment. However, it’s not just the tech and the toys that produce the best players, it’s knowing how to use them to design an individualized training plan and communicate with the athlete. That is what Futures Training Center is all about – building an environment that helps a player objectively identify their strengths and weaknesses, creating a culture that allows them to compete and take ownership of their craft, and having a system in place to give them the necessary tools and training plans to improve on field production.
  • Does the membership allow us to rent cages? If so, how often?
    All of our Skill memberships grant you access to cage rentals. And in addition to that, our Skill Pro membership options also give your athlete a chance to participate in semi-private training sessions with our expert coaches throughout the week.
  • What do the semi-private Hitting sessions consist of? How do those work?
    Our groups are designed to mirror the training methods of the top professional and collegiate development programs in the country. The hitting groups are hour long sessions that consist of up to 3 similar aged players. In order to help them execute their training plan, their hour is broken down into 15 minutes of dynamic warm up and medicine ball routines, 15 minutes of tee and soft toss work in our half cages, and 30 minutes in the cage with their coach, where they’re hitting with HitTrax, Blast, and video delay systems. Learn more about our Skill Development membership here!
  • Does Futures offer team cage rentals?
    No. Unfortunately, we do not offer team cage rentals as we only service our members. However, we do have team and organizational discounts on individual training memberships, and we also offer team testing days to bring your team in and get all their offensive, defensive, strength and speed metrics. Email to learn more!
  • Do you offer any discounts on memberships?
    We do offer discounted memberships. Sibling discounts are 10% off. If 6-19 athletes sign up together, the onboarding fee is reduced from $179 to $99 for each athlete. Please reach out to our staff via email at


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