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Position Player Skill Development for Baseball and Softball Athletes


Hitting Sessions

Experience a revolutionary approach to hitting at our facility, setting a new standard in offensive development. Our state-of-the-art tools and technology allows for athletes to make adjustments faster, and our sessions are led by a seasoned staff boasting over four decades of professional baseball experience.

Each athlete receives a professional-grade hitting program, while our semi-private training groups promote competitiveness and provide all of the objective feedback your athlete will see at the next level. Futures will show you first-hand what it's like to train like a professional hitter!


Catching Sessions

Discover the premier catching program in Southern California at Futures. Our comprehensive curriculum covers every crucial aspect of catching, from stances to receiving, blocking, and throwing.


Empowering athletes to shape their own catching style, our program ensures they're optimally positioned to win every pitch. Elevate your catching game with us and position yourself for success on the field!


Fielding Sessions

Our Infield Program will improve your foundational skills in footwork, hands, arm strength, and overall athleticism. Engage in a competitive group setting where you'll have access to professional instruction and objective feedback on how your game is progressing.

With enhanced rhythm, range, and play-making abilities you'll be improving on all the development components that matter at the next level. Let Futures help you elevate your infield play!

Membership Highlights


Ball flight simulation, exit velocity, launch angle, contact point, and strike zone breakdowns are all tracked and displayed for hitters to understand how the changes made in their swing are affecting the ball they hit.

Catchers get all pop time information, including velocity, exchange time, and ball flight data to help them master their throwing.

Blast Motion

Experience the power of Blast Motion for immediate and invaluable feedback on your swing metrics. From bat speed to attack angle, rotational acceleration to connection, every crucial aspect is meticulously measured and tracked. Witness your progress and adjustments in real-time, providing you with the insights needed to elevate your game.

Video Delay System

Our coaches have a powerful resource at their disposal to facilitate immediate adjustments during your session. 

Another big part of HitTrax is the video delay system, which we use routinely to let our players see their swings in real time. This is one of the biggest tools in getting players to adjust faster and to connect their “feels” to what’s really happening.

Proteus and Force Plates

In addition to all the training tools and bats we have on hand, one of the biggest advantages of hitting at Futures is the ability to test with our Proteus machines and Vald Force Plates.

With this we get a holistic view of your game and where you stack up against the competition so we can source your problems and get you better faster.

Ready to Learn more about our Sports Performance Membership?


Ready to learn more about our Position Player Memberships?

We have found Futures Training Center to be most beneficial. the facility is centered around athletes by enhancing their performance and confidence. The ability to have large groups or smaller more intimate groups provides enhanced mobility, strength, and personal performance. My son has improved in strength, speed and personal performance  I highly recommend Futures Training to any athlete at any age if they are serious about their athletic journey.

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