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Position Player Skill Development



Our hitting training is like nothing you’ve ever seen before from a facility. Our athletes have access to all of the latest tools and tech to help them in their development and are guided by an expert staff with over 30 years of professional baseball experience. Our athletes will be given individualized training plans, and our semi-private training groups create a competitive environment with tons of objective feedback.


Our catching program attacks all of the key components of catching, including stances, receiving, blocking, and throwing. The program gives our athletes ownership over their catching style to put them in the best position to win each pitch.


Our fielding program focuses on the foundational pieces of infield play, including footwork, hands, arm strength, and athleticism. Our competitive group environment and professional-grade instruction will improve your rhythm, quickness, and play-making ability.


Membership Highlights


BLAST Motion

Immediate feedback on swing metrics. Bat speed, attack angle, rotational acceleration, and connection is all measured and tracked to show how players are making adjustments and progressing.



Ball flight simulation, exit velocity, launch angle, contact point, and strike zone breakdowns are all tracked and displayed for hitters to understand how the changes made in their swing are affecting the ball they hit. Catchers get all pop time information, including velocity, exchange time, and ball flight data to help them master their throwing.


Video delay system

Watch your swings on an instant to feedback loop to see if your “feel” matches your “real”. Make adjustments faster with the ability to see how your adjustments are working in real time.


Custom Training Bats

Full lineup of custom training bats to handle every training plan and drill setting. From bat speed to bat path, our training bats will help you attack your training plan and improve your swing.

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